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  1. The Studio Premises will be sanitised twice a Day. 

  2. Use of a Pop filter is mandatory for avoiding saliva on the microphone.

  3. We will be working with minimum staff, which means One / Two Techs per Studio, One Housekeeping staff.

  4. Unnecessary outside staff to be avoided wherever possible, strictly.

  5. The Client, Production house, Executive producer will, in advance, provide the studio a list of visitors for the day, anyone other than those will not be entertained in the studio.

  6. The Clients will invite maximum one additional member other than the artist in the studio.

  7. The big room will not have more than 5 people at a time, this includes staff.

  8. The small room will not have more than 2 people at a time, this includes staff.

  9. Work Schedules will strictly be followed as per the Governments Norms.

  10. All outside persons may be checked with a thermal scanner and should be wearing masks as per government rules.

  11. All Scripts and creative material should be in Digital Format on Tablets

  12. Hand Sanitisers will be made available in the studio and the outside areas.

  13. It is mandatory for everyone to keep continuing the Social Distancing norms and wearing of Masks.

  14. Aarogya Setu app is mandatory for everyone. 

  15. Strict social distancing Norms & Hygiene to be followed in the Restroom, kindly sanitise the restroom after use, flush properly and wipe down the sink and tap.

  16. Staggered lunch hour to be followed, kindly wipe down and sanitise the area after consuming food.

Covid 19 S.O.P: Text
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